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    Our ambition is to make Chopping possible wherever we can, saving people money, reducing energy consumption, reducing carbon footprints and creating a real revolution in energy efficiency.

  • the chopping company

    We want to embed Chopping in new build thinking; catalyse design innovation; accelerate uptake; and find ways of harnessing Chopping as a tool in the fight against fuel poverty.

  • the chopping company

    Chopping: a simple solution to a complex problem.

In an age of sophisticated solutions, we’ve got used to thinking something is only working when it’s on. Here at The Chopping Company, we know that sometimes you are better off.
Chopping simply means regularly switching systems off for short periods of time without affecting their operation. The off period makes no difference to performance but makes a big difference in saving energy and reducing costs.
Our first product is the Chop-Cloc, a simple retrofit device that saves up to 30% on home heating bills. It works by switching the heating off for 15 to 45 minute in each hour to take advantage of radiant heat from the building fabric and contents. 
Our mission is to make Chopping possible wherever we can; saving people money, reducing consumption and creating a real revolution in efficiency.

Per year, Chopping saves the average household:

500 kg

CO2e emissions

1800 kWh

of natural gas


in energy bills




Chopping the Nonsense

There are a lot of myths when it comes to managing your heating. Here at The Chopping Company we believe that common sense should prevail.


The Tricky Notion of Comfort

In this comment piece Professor Doug King (Special Advisor to the Chopping Company) discusses the tricky notion of comfort and why the thermostat does not provide the level of control that people desire or expect.


Chop-Cloc to go on show

The Chopping Company will be exhibiting at this year’s Ideal Home Show from 14–30 March at Earl’s Court.


15 reasons why the g15 should get Chopping

The Chopping Company CEO, Mark Kerray, recently gave a presentation to the g15 group of social housing providers on why Chopping offers a simple, cost-effective solution for providing affordable, warm, sustainable homes.


Delivering warmth for less

Our retrofit Chopping device, the Chop-Cloc, is a unique heating control device that helps householders save up to 30% on their heating bills without noticing any difference in temperature.